19/04/2006 Launch of the book "Another brick in the wall.
A critical review of cultural management education in Europe" by Corina Suteu
Today, April 19, Columbia University in New York hosted the launch of the book

Another brick in the wall.
A critical review of cultural management education in Europe

The book is written by Corina Suteu, following a commissioning of the Boekman Foundation and the Amsterdam University, and is published by Boekmanstudies.

The book was presented by Joan Jeffri, professor in the Arts Administration Department of Columbia University, and by Cas Smithuijsen, director of the Boekman Foundation.

The presentation at Columbia University was followed by a book launch at the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.

The book provides a critical comparative analysis of developments and provision in academic training in cultural management and policies in Europe. In comparison with other disciplines, cultural management as a field of education is still in its infancy. However, a multitude of training opportunities have arisen for cultural managers and administrators in Europe during the past decades. This book makes a systematic analysis of what these courses entail and what their outcomes might be when their students are delivered into posts of responsibility. What is the profile and which are the role and responsibilities of a cultural manager in nowadays cultural context? Accordingly, which are the competencies required in order to respond to the present challenges of managing a cultural organisation or project, be it in the public or the private sector? What kind of education programmes should be designed in order to meet these needs? Can any type of standards and accreditation be developed in order to allow for exchange and transfer across significantly different national education models to be found in the European nation states and which could be the impact of the Bologna process in this area? The book raises such questions and provides insight and suggestions for further reflection and action. A publication of interest to all those involved in a cultural management education and those contemplating a cultural management education.

Expert, consultant and trainer in the field of cultural management and cultural policies, Corina Suteu was for nine years director of the European Master's degree in Cultural management of the Business School in Dijon. She also initiated in 1995 the first regional training programme in cultural management for Eastern European professionals: the ECUMEST programme. Her expertise in the development and provision of training programmes in cultural management and cultural policies was enriched by extensive trainings held in the frame of MA programmes or other professional courses in France, Romania, Serbia and other European countries. Founder and president of the ECUMEST Association, Corina Suteu is currently director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.

The launch of the publication in Europe will take place on May 18 in Bratislava, in the framework of the annual meeting of ENCATC - the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres. On this occasion, the Boekman Foundation will organise a debate having among its participants Milena Dragicevic Sesic (University of Arts in Belgrade), Oana Radu (ECUMEST) and Hermann Voesgen (ENCATC).

Another brick in the wall.
A critical review of cultural management education in Europe

Author: Corina Suteu
Editing & production: Diane Dodd, Ineke van Hamersveld, Marielle Hendriks, Oana Radu, Cas Smithuijsen, Mies van Splunter. Boekmanstudies, Amsterdam 2006.

For more details and to order the book visit www.boekman.nl.
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