27/04/2007 Activating citizenship
The European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), the ECUMEST Association (Bucharest) and the Interarts Foundation (Barcelona) announce the launch of the Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities.

In this book, experts Jordi Pascual i Ruiz and Sanjin Dragojevic explore the conceptual framework and the theories behind citizen participation in local cultural policy development and the mechanisms of how participation can be realised on the city level.

The guide, benefiting also from contributions from Corina Suteu (foreword) and Philipp Dietachmair (introduction), aims at identifying evidence in the field of participative cultural policymaking in Europe, concretely naming the decision actors in local cultural policies of today. At the same time it puts forward the theoretical premises that frame the future evolution of local urban policies - those that directly influence the individual’s level of cultural participation and well being.

Starting from the experience of several European cities in elaborating participatory cultural policies, the guidebook introduces various concepts and practical approaches in order to encourage cities and local civil society organisations to approach such policies. The practice-based contents of this guide are built on the outcomes of a fact search and collection realised throughout 2006.

The publication is part of the project Active Citizens-Local Cultures-European Politics, started in 2006 with the support of the European Commission (budget line: Measures in favour of civil society). The publication is accompanied by the documentary Culture Rocks City filmed in Barcelona, Lille, Timisoara and Zagreb, realised in collaboration with SEE TV Exchanges (Brussels). The documentary is now to be seen at broadcasting channels all over Europe.

Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities
Authors: Jordi Pascual i Ruiz, Sanjin Dragojevic, Philipp Dietachmair
Foreword: Corina Suteu
Editor: Hanneloes Weeda
Copy editor & production: Stefania Ferchedau
Design, cover and layout: Ioana Nemes
European Cultural Foundation, ECUMEST Association, Interarts Foundation, Bucharest 2007.
English, French and Spanish versions

The guide will be distributed free of charge to a network of cultural operators and associations in Europe. A limited number of copies is also available free of charge upon order to ECUMEST (French, English copies), ECF (English copies), Interarts (Spanish copies).

The guide is also available in electronic format in the three languages.

> EN: Guide to Citizen Participation (pdf document , 858 kb)
> FR: Guide de la participation citoyenne
(pdf document, 1,18 M)
> SP: Guia para la participation ciudadana
(pdf document, 1,17 M)

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