03/09/2007 reSourcing. critical platform. Views on recent cultural history in Romania / CNDB / September 6
The reSourcing team is announcing the event on this theme organised Thursday, 6 September 2007, from 11.00 at the National Centre of Dance (Bucharest, 2 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd., National Theatre building, access to Laptaria Enache, entrance floor 3).

The event proposes a series of presentations and discussions on the basis of the pilot-researches developed in the frame of the programme, while providing information, materials, as well as videos documentating these.

reSourcing. critical platform gathers a group of artists and theoreticians from contemporary dance, visual arts, theatre, interested in activating a collective process of recuperation and documentation of a variety of movements that had an impact on the present developments of the cultural, artistic and intellectual scene in Romania. The pilot-projects developed in 2007 focus on different time layers inside the period between the 1960s and the present in Romania, in a process of search aimed at identifying tools for writing a history yet very little explored and documented.

Among the event participants and speakers are Sebastian Big (philosopher), Christine Boehler (Culture Director, ERSTE Foundation), Andreea Dumitru (theatre critic), Stefania Ferchedau (cultural manager, project coordinator on behalf of ECUMEST), Mihai Mihalcea (dancer and choreographer, director of the National Centre of Dance), Manuel Pelmus (dancer and choreographer), Lia Perjovschi (visual artist), Oana Radu (cultural manager, deputy director of the Romanian Cultural Institute New York), Stefan Tiron (independent curator and theoretician).

The special guests are Janez Jansa, author, performer and director of interdisciplinary performances, director of MASKA, institute for publishing, production and education, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Georg Schöllhammer, writer and curator based in Vienna, head of documenta 12 magazines, editor in chief of Springerin magazine.

The event will be held in Romanian and English with simultaneous interpreting.

A supplement of the 22 magazine, issued on September 4 and published in both Romanian and English, is accompanying the event, proposing a series of contributions written, which testify of the different stages of the projects' development.


11:00-11:30 - Intro on reSourcing, by Manuel Pelmus & Stefania Ferchedau

11.30-12.30 - Presentation of Suprafete/Surfaces, a research on past choreographic practices by Manuel Pelmus in colaboration with Andreea Novac

>> While studying the 1980s, the research has been investigating the official and unofficial practices and venues, the official mass propaganda choreography as well as underground practices. A video material collecting fragments from the project interviews will be shown as part of the presentation. <<

12:30-13:00 - Discussion and guest intervention by Janez Jansa, contextualizing Suprafete and linking to the larger regional project East Dance Academy

14:00-14:45 - Presentation of the project Who still needs theatre after 1989 in Romania?, a research by Andreea Dumitru

>> Notes on the why and how of the documentation process of the 1996-2000 period of the Romanian theatre scene, when the first independent theatre companies were established in Romania after '89. <<

14:45-15:45 - Presentation of the project Civic spirit, pacifism, and ecology in the Romanian martial arts, by Stefan Tiron & Sebastian Big.
- a subcultural scuba divers perspective -

>> The presentation will be based on the display of a variety of materials such as: Karate magazines, karate learning books, and various items connected to karate events and contexts from the early 1990s. <<

16:00-17:30 - Open discussion based on project presentations. Future developments of reSourcing.
Guest intervention: Georg Schollhammer

reSourcing. critical platform is a project coordinated by the ECUMEST Association and developed in partnership with ERSTE Foundation.

(Image: Dan Perjovschi - resources. Drawing for reSourcing © 2007 Dan Perjovschi)
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