15/12/2003 Cultural magazines - platforms of dialogue in the countries of South East Europe. International symposium organised with the support of the Stability Pact
  The symposium was part of an extended series of events on the topic of "The Balkans and Europe" organised in 2000-2004 by Goethe-Institut Bucharest in co-operation with several Romanian partners. These events cover cultural and educational issues, media policy and the processes of democratic and constitutional development in countries undergoing social transformations. In order to successfully carry out this project, Goethe Institut benefitted from the financial backing of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, designed to support the development of the civil society structures and networks in the region.

Partner to this symposium, which took place in Bucharest on 11-12 December 2003, was Press Stress Group (the informal initiative of the ECUMEST Association gathering the Romanian magazines "Dilema", "Observator Cultural" and "LA&I"). With the participation of "22" magazine.
Consultants: Gabriela Adamesteanu, Magdalena Boiangiu, Ion Bogdan Lefter, Dan C. Mihailescu, Corina Suteu, Mircea Vasilescu.

The symposium brought together representatives of cultural magazines from Romania, Germany and central and East-European countries, aiming to be a platform of encounters and communications for the cultural magazines in the region and a forum of discussion, from a regional perspective, of the decisive role they have to play in the democratic reconstruction of the countries of South East Europe and in view of the EU integration process. Parallely, the symposium has also addressed issues related to the necessary resources and the practical means of supporting cultural magazines, the ways of securing a flow of information in the region, the priority thematic issues and topics, etc. This meeting could also represent a first impulse in setting up a network of cultural magazines in South East Europe, which could facilitate the establishment of transnational contacts on intercultural basis.

Program of the symposium
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