02/11/2006 The On-The-Move/ECUMEST training of trainers, Bucharest, October 27, 2006
  The new training seminar organised by On-The-Move/ECUMEST in Bucharest on October 27, 2006 brought together participants from the Czech Republic, Moldova and Romania. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds such as performing and visual arts, as well as cultural studies or sociology , artists or cultural operators from both private and public institutions, the participants had a common interest in mobility and cultural cooperation in the age of digital spaces.

As a continuation to the previous trainings (started in 2005) focusing on the above mentioned themes, the seminar brought in Bucharest three of the former OTM trainees who introduced the participants into new perspectives on digital cultural content and virtual mobility, cultural networks and mobility in the performing arts.

Consult the trainers' presentations:

> Sanna Kangasluoma: Organizing Digital Cultural Content and Virtual Mobility (pdf document, 5,1 mb)

> Cristina Farinha: Mobility in the Performing Arts in Europe: drivers and barriers (pdf document, 179 kb)

> Aleksandra Uzelac: Cultural Networks - real and virtual pathways to cooperation (pdf document, 405 kb)
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