21/06/2005 Circles in the water.
A workshop with Andrei Serban told by Tania Radu
The publication under this title was recently launched by ECUMEST, following the international workshop held by Andrei Serban in June 2004 in Arcus/ Sfintu Gheorghe, Romania.

At the invitation of the ECUMEST Association and during the meeting of Balkan Express – the performing arts network (that ECUMEST organised in 2004 in Romania), the prestigious theatre director Andrei Serban held a two-day workshop which brought at the Arcus Cultural Centre almost 20 young theatre directors and actors from Romania and the Balkans.

The launch took place on the occasion of a series of conferences held by Andrei Serban between 1-14 June 2005, organised by ECUMEST in Bucharest and Cluj.
The book tells the story of the step by step experience of the encounter with Andrei Serban in Arcus, offering a glimpse of the director’s working method. The publication also includes the notes of a personal ‘lecture’ of Andrei Serban about his directing experience in theatre and opera, as presented at a conference held in Bucharest on the same occasion.

ECUMEST will extensively distribute the book both in Romania and abroad to a large number of artists, organisations and instititutions active in the field of performing arts, as well as to theatre universities and faculties from the ECUMEST network.

Editor: Stefania Ferchedau
Drawings and design: Ioana Nemes
ECUMEST Association, Bucharest, 2005. Romanian and english version; 200 p.
Distribution: a limited number of copies are still available for free upon order.
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