14/10/2004 Go create… Europe
Roundtable on the role of culture in European building.
Pre-conference to the Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy. Bucharest, 25 October 2004
  More and more debates are currently taking place throughout Europe about the role culture could and should play in building Europe and advocating for a stronger support of the European Union for cooperation in the arts and culture. In this context, the present roundtable aims to facilitate a familiarization of the Romanian cultural sector with these initiatives and with the different viewpoints at European level, as well as to launch this discussion in Romania and to involve the Romanian cultural sector in these larger debates. The target audience of this roundtable is represented by cultural operators, public authorities representatives, as well as representatives of foreign cultural institutes in Romania.

The opinions and proposals expressed during this roundtable will be also presented in the framework of the "Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy" (which will take place in Berlin on 26-28 November 2004.

The roundable will be moderated by Corina Suteu, president of the ECUMEST Association, which has the pleasure to welcome one of the initiators of the Berlin Conference: Nele Hertling, Director for artistic programmes, DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service, Berlin. A complementary perspective will be given by Jean-Baptiste Cuzin, Head of European Affairs within the International Relations Department of the French Ministry of Culture and Communications. ECUMEST has also the pleasure to welcome Catherine Lalumiere, Member of the European Parliament and President of Relais Culture Europe (Paris), former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, former vice-president of the European Parliament.

On the basis of their introductions and contributions, the roundable aims to facilitate a vivid dialogue and debate with and among the representatives of the Romanian cultural sector, and in particular of young cultural operators.

Logistical details
Date: 25 October 2004, from 10:00 to 13:00 a.m.
Venue: UNITER (Theatre Union of Romania), 2-4 George Enescu St., 010305 Bucharest
Contact: Oana Radu & Stefania Ferchedau, ECUMEST Association, tel/fax: +40-21-2122100, ecumest@ecumest.ro.

Background to the event: The Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy
The Berlin conference is concerned with Europe, not with the interests of culture per se. The conference aims to influence politicians who are concerned with the topic of Europe, advocating for culture to be seen not as a marginal area of European politics, but as a catalyst for action in all spheres of politics. Also, it aims to launch a discussion amongst participants from the world of culture and politics to initiate practical consequences for a higher importance of culture in European politics.

The Berlin Conference represents a civic initiatives, launched by prominent cultural policy-makers and operators, including Steve Austen, Hans-Erich Bilges, Volker Hassemer, Nele Hertling, John C. Kornblum, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Wolf Lepenies, Bernhard Schneider. Its board of trustees include Hedy d'Ancona, Jacques Delors, Timothy Garton Ash, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Bronislaw Geremek, Meglena Kuneva, Andrei Plesu, Javier Solana and Richard von Weizsäcker. The conference is organised with the support of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and in cooperation with the Felix Meritis Foundation.

Organisers and partners
Roundtable organised by the ECUMEST Association (Bucharest) in partnership with the Felix Meritis Foundation (Amsterdam) as a pre-conference to the "Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy".

Consult the press release on this conference
(pdf document, 102 kb)

The round table will take place in the framework of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre Festival, organised by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and UNITER - Theatre Union of Romania, which takes place in Bucharest on October 24-31.
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