14/10/2005 ECUMEST e-flash (October 2005)

> As part of its professional development action line, ECUMEST is launching this fall a series of training sessions open to cultural operators. The first event in this framework is the international 'Training for Mobility and Intercultural Relations', organised together with On-The-Move, on November 2 in Bucharest, taking place in the framework G2CC - Gateway to Cultural Collaboration project. Details... A second training session, addressing the Romanian cultural sector, is prepared for the beginning of December, and will be soon announced. ECUMEST is also exploring the set up of a Master programme on 'Cultural Policies and International Cultural Cooperation' to start in 2006 in Bucharest.

> In the framework of the Policies for Culture programme developed in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), on 4-5 November ECUMEST will organise in Bucharest a meeting of the action projects regional network. The event will bring together representatives of the different PfC initiatives in South East Europe supported starting with 2001, as well as other relevant cultural policy civil actors in the region. The meeting is aiming at better identifying the current situation and needs in the cultural field in the region, as well as at designing more effective ways to address them in the future in the framework of Policies for Culture. More details at www.policiesforculture.org.

> Following the participation to the process launched by the Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy (November 2004), ECUMEST is currently working on the preparation of a project specifically addressing the countries of South East Europe. The project is developed in cooperation with 'A Soul for Europe' initiative and is aimed to create a larger framework of partnerships in the region which address the role cultural can play in the debate, understanding and accompaniment of the EU enlargement process. As part of its this development process, Volker Hassemer, spokesperson of the initiative, will participate to the Policies for Culture regional meeting in Bucharest on November 5.

> As a result of the development meeting on 'The role of cultural diplomacy in the integration process - an Eastern European perspective' organised in Bucharest, on May 20, 2005, ECUMEST is currently planning to carry out a research on the current institutional structure, functioning, and policy of the cultural diplomacy and cultural cooperation agencies of the CEE countries. It will also aim to identify whether specific policies are designed and action taken with regard to the EU integration objective.

Publications and studies

> After its launch in April 2005, the 'Short guide to the Romanian cultural sector. Mapping opportunities for cultural cooperation', published by ECUMEST at the commissioning of the Royal Dutch Embassy in Bucharest and with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, was distributed to over 700 organisations in Europe. ECUMEST has received very good feedback, among many others, from: Katerina Stenou, Director of the Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue of UNESCO, Franz Morak, State Secretary for the Arts and Media, Austrian Chancellery, Roger Tropeano, President, Les Rencontres, Paris. Following a series of suggestions to publish a French of the guide, ECUMEST is currently working, in partnership with the French Embassy Bucharest and the Romanian Cultural Institute, on an updated version of the guide. The book will be launched in March 2006 on the occasion of the Year of the Francophonie in Romania.

> Launched in summer 2005, another ECUMEST publication, 'Circles in the water. A workshop with Andrei Serban told by Tania Radu', is currently being distributed to our European network of partners. The book is the result of the artistic workshop organised by ECUMEST in June 2004 in the framework of the Balkan Express meeting in Sf. Gheorghe (Romania). 'Circles in the water' was recently distributed at the Trans Europe Halles (A European Network of Independent Cultural Centres) meeting in Cambridge (UK) 'Escalator International', as well as on the occasion of the Balkan Express caravan meeting in Istanbul (see below).

> At the commissioning of the European Cultural Foundation, ECUMEST has conducted a survey on 'Funding opportunities for international cultural cooperation in and with South East Europe', which was carried out with the participation of Relais Culture Europe. The report that will be soon out aims to provide an overview of those stakeholders that support cultural cooperation in the region of South East Europe.
Following the commissioning of the AFAA (l’Association Francaise d'Action Artistique), ECUMEST has also been running, in cooperation with regional experts, a comparative survey on the independent organisations and initiatives in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus & Turkey. The report of the survey, aimed at offering the background for setting up a European cooperation programme supporting independent initiatives in the region, will be available soon.

> The e-periodicals produced in the framework of the Policies for Culture programme are distributed to a database of 4000 international contacts, with the majority of these being in Europe, and an especially high number of entries from the countries of South East Europe. The next issue of the e-bulletin will be out on October 18, while the 6th issue of InSIGHT is being prepared for the end of October.

International participation>

Continuing her collaboration with On-The-Move and IETM - Informal European Theatre Meeting, Corina Suteu held a training for trainers session on mobility and intercultural relations, during the ENCATC Helsinki Academy (September 7). A second session withing the programme is being prepared for November 2 in Bucharest. Corina Suteu will also moderate one of the workshops taking place during the IETM plenary meeting in Utrecht (November 24-27), and will participate to the On-The-Move steering committee meeting in Brussels, on December 2.

> At the beginning of September, Aura Corbeanu took part in the meeting of EUNETSTAR - European Network Street Arts, which was organised at Aurillac (France). On behalf of UNITER, Aura Corbeanu currently manages, as executive director, the first International Festival of Theatre for Children (10-16 October). On a regular basis, she teaches cultural project development and cultural marketing, among other issues, in the universities of Bucharest and Sibiu.

> At the invitation of Interarts Foundation (Barcelona), Oana Radu has participated from 13 to 16 September to the Euroamerican Cultural Cooperation Campus, organised by the Interarts Foundation and the Organisation of Ibero-America States (OEI), in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil). Her intervention during the workshop on 'Training in Cultural Management' presented experiences from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in terms of capacity building needs and profiles in cultural management and cultural policies in the past fifteen years.

> As plenary speaker to the Catalyst Conference (Manchester, 15-17 September) on cultural entitlement and cultural learning, Corina Suteu has contributed with an intervention on 'How to engender a shared culture of entitlement in Europe' and also signed one of the conference Arguments commissioned by Catalyst as background to the event - 'Can different cultures share collective values in learning while respecting their differences?'.

> Trans Europe Halles (A European Network of Independent Cultural Centres) has invited Corina Suteu as keynote speaker to its "Escalator International" meeting organised at the Junction (Cambridge, UK), on September 22-25. Her speech - 'Not afraid to be an alien'- focused on the issues of networking & mobility.

> From September 30 to October 2, Stefania Ferchedau participated to the Balkan Express caravan meeting in Istanbul, organised by IETM (Brussels) and the European Cultural Association (Istanbul). The meeting of Balkan Express (to which ECUMEST is one of the partners) was a networking event which brought together 7 artists and cultural operators from SEE countries with the aim to explore and estabish contacts with the contemporary arts scene in Istanbul. A report of the meeting will be soon available on the IETM website.

> As member of the steering group of the Council of Europe initiative 'Cultural identities and shared values of citizenship', Corina Suteu has participated on October 3-4, in Strasbourg, to the meeting organised by the Directorate for Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage of CoE. The steering group will meet again in December.
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