29/04/2004 Increase access to essential information on cultural issues for local opinion leaders throughout Romanian provinces - pilot project
  The project aimed to facilitate the access to cultural press of the provincial cultural and academic milieus. Implemented with the support of Pro Helvetia and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the project consisted in granting 100 free subscriptions to magazines Dilema, Litere, arte, idei and Observator cultural. The beneficiaries are especially young individuals representing the academic, cultural and educational milieus, especially from small cities, which have received the above-mentioned magazines from March to December 2003. The criteria used in the selection of beneficiaries was their capacity to become real leaders of opinion inside their communities, with the scope of further spreading the information and the knowledge they have accumulated, and not last, of developing a free, unconventional debate platform at local level on the topics addressed by the cultural magazines. The basic principle of the project was to "subsidize the reader", by supporting and developing the public of these cultural magazines in a very direct way and thus to indirectly support cultural magazines.

The beneficiaries of the project have filled in a questionnaire before the end of the free subscription period, in order to offer a better image of the way the magazines are perceived by their target group as well as to evaluate the impact of the project.

On medium and long term, the project aimed to develop "a virtual intellectual space of public debate" through appropriate media instruments. On a national level, it participates in diminishing the informational gap between the province and the capital, but also in ensuring a homogenous access to knowledge and to expressing opinions of national concern. The permanent inclusion of province intellectual movements in the national debate guarantees the balanced evolution of the Romanian society in a European context.

For further information on the project and its partner magazines please contact the ECUMEST Association or consult:

The Evaluation Report of the Project (pdf document, 50 kb)
The Annexes of the Report - Charts (pdf document, 424 kb)

This project was made possible with the support of
The Swiss Cultural Programme Romania (Pro Helvetia & Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
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