08/02/2005 Policies for Culture InSIGHT 4 & launching the PfC Forum.
  A new issue of InSIGHT is now available - issue 4/ February 2004. With this issue, the Policies for Culture programme is glad to invite all its beneficiaries to use the new interactive tool provided by the PfC Forum. Through this online platform, Policies for Culture aims to build a space of discussion and exchange of information and experiences on current issues on the agenda of cultural policy research in the region. The forum, which is open to all interested contributors, from SEE and beyond, will facilitate contributions on the basis of a background paper provided for each topic, gathering in the end the input received into a summarising report. The first topic proposed aims to question the relevance, utility and use of the (quasi-) arm's length financing mechanisms in SEE, on the basis of a background paper written by Delia Mucica. Your contributions are welcome at the PfC Forum webpage.
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