This website has been launched with the support of
Arts & Culture Network Program of the Open Society Institute Budapest, through CONCEPT Foundation, member organization of Soros Open Network Romania

aimed at facilitating the fast and free access to and the consultation of the legal acts relevant for the cultural field, as well as the consultation of explanatory legal guides for specific key areas.
An ARCult project.

Target group

This information and documentation source equally targets individuals and legal entities working in the cultural field, regardless of their status and form of organisation (freelancers, NGOs, public institutions or profit-making companies). However, the individuals and the nongovernmental organisations, which face a more difficult access to information and consultancy in this field, represent the priority beneficiaries of this instrument. Thus, the legal guides of specific interest for these target groups propose more detailed information than those relevant for the others.

What does this instrument offer?

LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR CULTURE IN ROMANIA represents a new instrument, designed in order to respond to the specific needs of the cultural actors, which offers:

A general overview on the legal framework addressing and affecting the cultural sector, by the means of its structuring on cultural fields and specific topics or mechanisms. For each field it provides a listing of relevant legal acts, which are available for consultation, as well as, for certain fields, detailed explanatory legal guides.

The search and online consultation of legal acts relevant for the cultural sector. The legal acts are available in Romanian only. The database is not an exhaustive one. It is an instrument conceived especially for the cultural operators, which includes only those legal acts which are considered relevant for their activity.

The consultation of explanatory legal guides on certain areas and topics, in a Questions & Answers format, meant at facilitating the understanding of the existing legal framework and the answering to concrete questions and situations that cultural operators are faced with. The legal guides are available in Romanian and will be soon available in English as well, in a shorter form.

How to use this database?

The database can be accessed and consulted in two ways:

Consultation of the legislation and the legal guides by field/topic
The tree-built structure of the database, available in the main page, allows an easy identification and access of all areas and topics addressed. In the dedicated page of each field or topic are listed, facilitating their consultation in html format, the legal acts relevant for the specific field (in Romanian only), as well as, where available, the explanatory legal guide of the field (available in English as well).

Use of the search engine: searching for specific legal acts
Given the fact that the legal acts are available only in the Romanian language, the search tool is proposed only in the Romanian version of the database.

Final provisions...

LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR CULTURE IN ROMANIA is proposed in the framework of the ARCult programme of the ECUMEST Association. It was launched with the support of the Arts & Culture regional program of OSI (through Concept Foundation) and of INDACO Systems.

The database and the legal guides have been developed in cooperation with a team of legal experts among which Delia Mucica and Ionica Pirvu. Project manager: Oana Radu. Project coordinator: Marilena Stanciu.

For any questions or suggestions you may contact the ECUMEST Association at (to the attention of Marilena Stanciu, project coordinator).

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