The recognised expertise of the association led to numerous requests
for consultancy, commissioning of various researches and studies.
The list below represents a series of commissioned works currently
underway or already completed by the ECUMEST team or by its members.

2007: Research - Overview of the Romanian independent cultural scene in focus at
A series of materials on this theme were prepared by ECUMEST at the commissioning of, a partner initiative of the European Cultural Foundation. Part of the documentation is available in the online publications page. More details...

2005: Survey - Funding opportunities for international cultural cooperation in/with South East Europe
European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)
Research and report on the funding opportunities for cultural cooperation projects in/with South East Europe, in collaboration with Relais Culture Europe (Paris), at the commissioning of the European Cultural Foundation.
The report was released in October 2005 and is available in the online publications page. More details...

2005: Study - Independent cultural organisations in the Central and Eastern European countries, Turkey and Caucasus
AFAA - Association Francaise d'Action Artistique (Paris)
Producing a report on the state of independent artistic organisations in Eastern Europe in view of the development, by AFAA, of an European cooperation project.

2004/2005: Study - Recommendations for a shared methodological approach to cultural diversity and related issues
UNESCO (Paris)
Methodological comparative study on the Observatories for Cultural Diversity initiated by UNESCO (Corina Suteu).

2004/2005: Research - A short guide to the Romanian cultural sector today. Mapping opportunities for cultural cooperation
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest
The guide is the result of the research realised in view of promoting a long term cultural cooperation with Romania. Representing an instrument of information and of promotion of the main Romanian cultural actors, the guide was published with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute. Details in the printed editions page...

2004: Study - Cultural Policy Curriculum Development
& Mobility Support for Lecturers in Central and Eastern Europe
European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)
Feasability study in view of launching, by the European Cultural Foudation, of CPEG - Cultural Policy Education Group - a programme for the support of the academic training development in the field of cultural policies in Eastern Europe, on the basis of the pilot initiative launched in the framework of the Policies for Culture programme.
The study is available at

2004: Consultancy - On-The-Move
IETM - Informal European Theatre Meeting (Bruxelles)
Consultancy and training in developing, bringing up-to-date, utilising and promoting the On-the-Move portal, focusing on cultural cooperation in the field of performing arts (Corina Suteu, Oana Radu).

2003/2005: Consultancy - STEP beyond
European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)
Consultancy in the development and evaluation of process within the STEP beyond mobility fund of the European Cultural Foundation (Oana Radu).

2003/2004: Consultancy - Cultural Heritage Project
Ministry of Culture of Romania / Hydea S.r.l. (Florence)
Consultancy services provided for the Design of a Public Education and Awareness Campaign in the framework of the Cultural Heritage Project, Romania (initiated by the Romanian Government in 1999 based on a World Bank Learning and Innovation Loan). The campaign aimed at the development of a better understanding of the audience and of a support having in view the importance of the cultural heritage. ECUMEST was Hydea's partner in providing consultancy to the Project Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs.

2003: Study - The State of Cultural Cooperation in Europe
European Commission/ Interarts Foundation (Barcelona) & EFAH (Bruxelles)
The ECUMEST Association has represented, under the coordination of Corina Corinei Suteu, the national correspondent for Romania in the process of evaluation of the existing trends in the field of intergovernmental cultural cooperation in 31 European countries. The result of the evaluation are presented in the study "The State of Cultural Cooperation in Europe", realised in 2003 by INTERARTS and EFAH, at the request of the European Commission. The report was released in 2004 and is available from the European Commission website.

2003: Consultancy - Crossing Perspectives' seminar
European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)
Concept and coordination of the dossier for the workshop "Crossing Perspectives: Cultural Cooperation with South Eastern Europe" (June 2003, Amsterdam), organised by the European Cultural Foundation in the framework of the 'Enlargement of Minds' action line (Corina Suteu).

2003: Study - Overview on cultural policy in Central and Eastern Europe between 1990/2003
UNESCO (Paris)
Realisation of the report on the evolutions in the field of cultural policy in Central and Eastern Europe at the UNESCO request (Corina Suteu).
The paper is available in the publications pages...

2001/2002: Consultancy - Programs' evaluation
European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)
Audit and evaluation of the programmes East-West Parliamentary Practice Project and Fund for Central and East European Book Projects initiated and supported by the European Cultural Foundation (Corina Suteu).

2000/2001: Consultancy - PHARE/ the Cultural Dimension of Democracy
Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs/ NOMISMA (Bologna) & ECUME (Dijon)
Consultancy in the field of training in cultural management provided, as partner of the ECUME Association (France) partner and NOMISMA, to the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs in the framework of PHARE/ the Cultural Dimension of Democracy. ECUMEST participated in the concept and development of the cultural management course by supporting the thematic specific to the cultural field.

1999/2005: Various graduate programmes, short-term training sessions and other forms of professional development in Romania, Belgia, Croatia, Elvetia, Franta, Italia, Polonia, Portugalia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spania, UK
Courses and lectures in the fields of cultural management, cultural policies, international cultural cooperation realised by members of the team and experts affiliated with ECUMEST.