ECUMEST participes in various European networks, being an active promoter of networking between cultural operators and artists, both in Romania and Eastern Europe, as well as at international level, by mediating contacts and facilitating international cooperation projects in various artistic fields or cultural sectors.

The ECUMEST Association is member of the following networks:

· IETM - Informal European Theatre Meeting
· INCD - International Network on Cultural Diversity
· Balkan Express

and participes to the activities of other networks, such as ECA - European Council of Artists, EFAH - European Forum For Arts and Heritage or Trans Europe Halles - European Network of Independent Culture Centres.

The participation to the cultural networks activities consists in:

· Taking part in network meetings and dissemination of information (acting as an active mediator of contacts and cooperation projects throughout Europe);
· Facilitating contacts between cultural operators from Romania and Eastern Europe and potential partners from other European countries;
· Participating, as trainers and moderators, to the organisation and development of various projects of cultural networks (eg. Corina Suteu's participater as leading trainer for On-the-Move - the portal of artistic mobility in Europe).