From cultural diplomacy to cultural relations - the role of cultural agencies in the European integration process

This project, initiated by ECUMEST 2005, aims to launch and facilitate a common reflection process, from the viewpoint of the candidate countries and of the new EU members, on the role of cultural diplomacy in facilitating the understanding of the processes linked to it.

On 20 May 2005, ECUMEST organised in Bucharest development meeting on The role of cultural diplomacy in the integration process - an Eastern European perspective. Details on this event...

As a result of this meeting, ECUMEST is carrying out a research on the current institutional structure, functioning, and policy of the cultural diplomacy and cultural cooperation agencies of the CEE countries. The report, which will be released in 2009, aims to also identify whether specific policies are designed and action taken with regard to the EU integration objective. The research is conducted in partnership with Interarts Foundation (Barcelona) and benefits from the support of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam).

Culture for structural development

ECUMEST was one of the initiators and regional partners of the Culture for structural development project, started following its participation to the process launched by the Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy (November 2004). The project is currently carried out by 'A Soul for Europe' initiative (Berlin) in partnership with various SEE partners, among which the AltArt Foundation (Cluj), or CULT.BG Foundation (Sofia). The project aims at advocating culture as an agent of regional development in South East Europe and including it more strongly in EU policies, particularly in regional policies. The initiators intend to offer a platform of encounter and common reflection for a series of organisations active in the field of contemporary arts in SEE that would work as a think tank in a process of reflection, self-evaluation and critical analysis on the societal impact of their work. The results of this research and exchange process (to be undertaken between 2006-2008) will be translated into policy recommendations, with the view to prove that culture - as illustrated by ongoing local projects in SEE - has a structural and strategic role in regional development, as well as for the EU policies.
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2005, May: European cultural policies
In collaboration with SAR - Romanian Academic Society, ECUMEST organised in May 2005 the debate "European cultural policies", which took place at the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest, in the framework of SAR's project - European dialogues.
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2004, October: Go create… Europe. Roundtable on the role of culture in European building

As an active participant to the process lauched by the Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy, ECUMEST organised in October 2004 one of the pre-conferences of this event - "Go create… Europe. Roundtable on the role of culture in European building". The event took place in Bucharest and aimed to facilitate a familiarization of the Romanian cultural sector with these initiatives and with the different viewpoints at European level, as well as to launch this discussion in Romania and to involve the Romanian cultural sector in the larger debate focusing on the role of culture in the European construction.
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